A Look at the Odds: Mayweather vs. McGregor After Their North American Tour

With the Mayweather-McGregor North American tour coming to end tonight in London, England, it seems that all the hype and trash-talking that was compiled over their four-cities-in-four days tour (including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London, U.K.) have significantly altered the odds come their real face-to-face matchup in August.

Let’s be honest, these boxer matchups thrive on pre-game trash-talking to heat things up. Conor McGregor somehow managed to defend his racism by being even more racist towards Floyd Mayweather, and also rips on Mayweather’s sense of fashion for wearing a track jacket to one of the conferences by expressing that “he can’t even afford a suit anymore”. Then Mayweather storms up to the stage and claims he can “line [McGregor] up like a bowling pin,” octagon or no octagon – then of course, McGregor cuts him off from the other side of the stage (no chill) and says “bulls**t, you need that octagon!” … and all of that was just the L.A. conference alone.

The boys at Oddsshark look at all the odds pertaining to the Mayweather-McGregor matchup after their North American tour.


Odds Before vs. After The Tour


Odds and Numbers After The Tour

odds mayweather-mcgregor


Before you fully develop your own prediction/odds/bets on this matchup, consider these facts. Mayweather is one heck of a boxer. McGregor is an MMA specialist who has his own boxing skillset. Mayweather is a true champ in the octagon, but doesn’t have much experience outside of it – which will be one of the biggest tests for him in this fight. Despite McGregor’s rants and comments about how Mayweather is supposedly ‘toast’ without the octagon, I’m sure a quality boxer like Floyd will adapt to that change of fighting environment much quicker than Conor thinks. Conor McGregor is a legend in the making. Floyd Mayweather has proven that he’s already a legend – just in the tail-end of his lights-out career (pun intended).


Who takes it all? We’ll find out on August 26. Ciao for now, 6Side.


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